The Beauty of Contemporary Office Furniture

Smart, sleek, and sophisticated, these are only three terms which describe the feeling and appeal of contemporary office furniture. Indiana Furniture has many outstanding selections for the modern office and you don’t have to go “minimalistic” to enjoy the beauty and simplicity of contemporary design. Here are a few selections you will find when you shop with us.


When you first look at Canvas contemporary office furniture you’ll think it is way beyond your budget, but this is not the case. Its laminate construction has the look and feel of several different types of wood and you can choose from many popular configurations. Laminate construction is strong and durable yet you would swear it was real wood by the look and the way it makes you feel.

With Canvas you can choose a stunning twin workstation which easily fits against a wall. You might also choose something in a darker shade for an executive look. Maybe you would like a dual level executive desk so you can either sit or stand as you work. These are only a few of the many possibilities.


Perhaps you are looking for something with clean and fresh lines and also a sense of sophistication. Our Gesso furniture is absolutely elegant in its function and simplicity. Whether you need a simple desk or a completely organized work station, you can find what you need in a large variety of finishes. Many people appreciate work centers with unique storage areas that include beautiful frosted doors. You always know what’s inside and yet it still remains protected.


Do you appreciate the richness and warmth of walnut, oak, or cherry? Or the Scandinavian look of clear maple? Madera contemporary office furniture comes with the option of premium grade wood veneer. All surfaces are finished with our UV protective topcoat to ensure long lasting beauty and function. These workstations are perfect for areas of high visibility. Madera selections are lovely show pieces as well as functional and comfortable office furniture.

Jot Occasional Tables

Discover the perfect table collection to go anywhere. Jot offers a materials mix to complement a diverse range of interiors from ultra-modern to classic. Its metal base, available in five colors, supports tops in solid surface, veneer, or laminate. Scaled for a perfect fit, Jot makes a great first impression front and center or corner-tucked for convenient storage. Jot’s UV Advantage finish features a crystal clear topcoat developed for durability in high traffic areas.

These are only a few of the many fine selections you will encounter, when you come to Indiana Furniture.