Is Your Office Furniture Environmentally Friendly?

Today, we meet several clients who request information about ways to make their office sustainable. Oftentimes, they have already done the basics such as choosing low-energy LEDs instead of traditional bulbs and installing Energy Star rated equipment. The next step is buying “green” furniture, which is where we come in.

Adapting to Modern Furniture Trends

At Indiana Furniture, we use sustainable resources that will last for years. For example, our sustainably built modular office furniture series, Revolutions, is the perfect choice if you need to make continuous changes within your office space. It’s fully reconfigurable, so no need to purchase new furniture if a change is required.

We focus on how our products impact the environment, while making offices easier to manage. Our furniture is designed to fit the needs of any office. By choosing our modular office furniture, you can effortlessly design your office layout in finishes that match your current aesthetic. The modularity enables the ability to fill your space exactly as you need it.

Sustainable Certifications

Please check out our clearly green initiatives. At Indiana Furniture, we are dedicated to sustainability and are happy to explain our stewardship approach to our resources. Additionally, our environmentally friendly approach is consistent—we have been actively using the “reduce, reuse, and recycle” strategy for decades.

We consistently look at ways to reduce our carbon footprint and eliminate hazardous chemicals and waste. Join us as we seek to make products that have a longer life-cycle than ever before!