Leadership In Energy and Environmental Design

As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, one important extension of our commitment to the environment is our work to support the Council’s LEED Program – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. The LEED program is a voluntary certification system designed to promote buildings that are environmentally responsible, profitable, and healthy places for people to live and work.  The U.S. Green Building Council also encourages companies to identify opportunities to salvage and reuse furniture in project design and research potential material suppliers.

Indiana Furniture can help customers seeking LEED-certification through products that can contribute to specific LEED-certification criteria.
•    Our reconfigurable series (Revolutions, Centennial, and Resilience) allow for reusing these products in many applications, extending the life of the products.
•    All core materials are 100% pre-consumer recycled wood materials.
•    All wood materials are naturally carbon sequestering.
•    Indiana Furniture’s UV Advantage finishes on Gesso, Centennial, Revolutions, Elevate, Madera, Promise, all Conference and Reception, as well as the laminate Canvas and Resilience products are Indoor Air Quality certified as standard products.  No special finish packages are required.
•    All wood materials meet CARB-II for low emitting materials.

For more information, download our Contribution to LEED Document.

Visit the LEED Website.