2015 is a year of celebrations!  This year marks our 110th Anniversary of quality manufacturing.  NeoCon was our opportunity to raise our glasses and mark the milestone with new products and product enhancements that reflect our commitment to bring relevant solutions to the market.

Visitors to the showroom were wowed by the new One10 Conference Collection.  One10 Conference is a collaborative solution that includes beauty, technology, and functionality for multiple settings.

Our top selling laminate and veneer lines are stylish, comfortable and effortlessly adaptable!  Canvas now boasts 8 new textured laminates and a sit-to-stand option.  Gesso, the veneer companion to Canvas, will also offer the sit-to-stand options.

No celebration is complete without a bow tie!  Introducing the Bow Tie Guest Chair.  This elegant chair brings class to any environment with its design, scale, and functionality.  Offered in a wood back, half upholstered back, and a full upholstered back, Bow Tie Guest Chairs will stack 5 high.

Carreta Lounge turned heads with new curved units.  The curved units provide flexibility to a collection truly built for public spaces.

Thanks to everyone that came in and shared in our celebrations!

View our NeoCon 2015 Brochure!

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