After several years of working from home, companies are bringing employees back. But it won’t be business as usual. There’s a new normal. And this includes more hybrid models, more relaxed areas, and readily available quiet spaces intermixed with the continued needs of private offices and meeting spaces.

It’s about flexing the function of your spaces to meet the needs of all types of workers. And we are ready. With products to bring spaces, people, and big ideas to life. It’s time to engage.

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Throughout the pandemic, it became evident that employees can be productive outside of the standard office setting. Yet there was something missing. Collaboration. From a work standpoint, yes, but also with socialization and maintaining the company culture. Studies show time spent in the office helps to build morale, camaraderie, and contributes to cross-training among employees.

Moving forward, hybrid working will become a mainstream practice, giving employees more choice in when and where to work. It will be key for companies to balance individual and organizational needs, enticing workers to engage at the office and feel productive within the available spaces.

Flexible, More Relaxed Spaces

Flexibility has always been key in work environments, but now more than ever spaces need to flex between collaborative or group work and focused or individual work. And these areas have become more relaxed—inspired by home settings—to give employees comfort while collaborating, touching down, or simply working on their own. They allow users to work how they want all in the same space.

Seating collections like Plush Lounge and KickStart seamlessly bring together the endurance needed for commercial spaces with the relaxed comforts of home. Add Cush Pillows, Runna Pouffes, and Iconic Casegoods for a fully functioning space or pair with Tri-One Tables and Spirit Seating to further accommodate conversations and collaboration.


Finding Private Moments

When it’s time for focused work, employees will look for a private nook or space to retreat from noise and distractions of the open environments. Offering more shared and relaxed spaces is desired, but it’s also important to offer options for individual working needs. Allow employees to step away from the shared space into a solo space without completely leaving the environment.

KickStart Club Nooks with high surround panels and Fifteen Pods give users an individual space to use for focused work. With tablet arms and cubbies for storage, KickStart has ample room to get the job done. Similarly, Fifteen Pods is designed around the science of acoustics and creates a personal getaway. Both of these products can easily provide solo spaces in the middle of a larger, shared environment.


Taking A Break

When working from home, it was easy to step away to take a break. To get refreshed. To simply re-energize. The new office should have spaces that allow employees a chance to relax and get rejuvenated. This is necessary to feel and be well, and it ultimately will increase overall satisfaction, productivity, and lead to a stronger culture.

Collections like Natta and Fifteen Lounge provide agile solutions to create café-inspired spaces that are supportive yet relaxing, providing workers with a place to step away from the task at hand only to return stronger and more engaged. Even the simplicity of a small table, like Canvas, and a few side chairs, like Gleem, with an outdoor view can create a small refuge to get refreshed.


Seamless Connectivity

It seems like technology changes by the minute. And there’s no telling what it will look like a year from now, much less next month. However, we do know that keeping employees powered and ready is a must for businesses today, and long into the future.

Employees want to connect easily and, moreover, instantly. Messing with wires and crawling under surfaces interrupts workflow, causing unnecessary distractions and loss of efficiency. Spaces within the new office need to be simple, yet high functioning to foster connectivity and, thus, productivity and collaboration. The goal is to link the user with technology through seamless integration of power and USB ports, discrete wire management, and long-term flexibility.

From workstations to lounge chairs, Indiana Furniture has created a range of smart products that provide intuitive plug-n-play, while keeping any wires at bay.


Making The Shift

As we shift to a hybrid model and more flexible working spaces, the new office will continue to evolve. Businesses will need to ensure employees are supported through their office environments to encourage ongoing productivity and collaboration. Are your spaces ready for the shift? Here are a few questions to consider:

1.  How flexible are your work environments? Are you able to evolve with the changing needs to support a variety of employees and working styles?

2.  Do you offer spaces that support both collaboration and focused work?

3.  Are you incorporating wellness into your facilities? Does your office space allow for employees to take a break and get rejuvenated?

4.  Does your furniture support technology, making it easy for workers to connect and stay connected?

Indiana Furniture is ready to support your office needs. With a full lineup of Desk+Workstations, Seating, Tables, and Ancillary products, they can help you create spaces to support the new normal.


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