Jefferson allows you to capture classic details with a variety of stately pieces to showcase a rich and distinguished history, while meeting the functional needs of modern working spaces.

With Jefferson’s thoughtful options you can go fully lavish with molding details and cracked ice glass or antique brass mesh cabinet doors or keep it subtle and let the beauty of wood speak for itself. Either way you get all the must-have stylings to create your classic look.

The addition of height adjustable components gives users freedom to easily shift throughout the day, while the reception units allow you to create a seamless look from the front office to the back.

Premium Veneer Option

The premium veneer option on Jefferson casegoods offers a grade of veneer exceeding the general commercial market standards.  The premium grade is based on Architectural Woodworking Institute’s (AWI) quality certification standards in order to meet technical specifications required for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Executive II and Executive III product requirements for wood casegoods.  These veneer specifications have greater limitations of natural characteristics such as sap wood, pin knots, and pitch pockets, as well as requirements for utilization in visible areas of the product.

With this premium veneer grade, Indiana Furniture’s standard construction methods, and an expanded statement of line, Jefferson casegoods not only meet the technical specifications required by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, but also meet or exceed other government specification requirements found in many blanket purchase agreements and it is part of the Indiana Furniture GSA contract.  Indiana Furniture is a federal government classified small business entity. 


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