Lounge Seating, Ergonomic Office Chairs and Much More

Seating is arguably the most discriminating furniture in any office environment. Not only do chairs have an enormous impact on employee health and comfort, but they also create an opportunity for a business to express their individual style and image. With over one hundred years of furniture-making experience behind us, we have integrated engaging, ergonomic office chairs with desk furniture that sit comfortably and add a pleasing aesthetic to any office.

Have You Considered Modern Office Chairs?

Modern chairs are often times more comfortable than their older counterparts. They also come with a host of options. Manufactured from durable materials that are easy to maintain and very robust, a contemporary piece of furniture is often designed with tablets and power ports to meet the demands of a busy day. Look for lounge seating that will be easy to move and to make the very best use of the space available-an important consideration in today's work spaces.

Your Reception Area Matters

The reception area is decidedly the first impression your visitors will have of your organization, which is why it's critical to get the reception desk and lounge seating just right. Our designs will create a welcoming area that includes occasional tables, wood guest chairs and soft seating. Using mixed materials, such as glass and metal, will allow you to reflect a creative image to your clients that sets you apart from the rest.

Function and Sustainability Are Vital

We take our environmental responsibilities seriously, which is why all our furniture exceeds industry ANSI/BIFMA emission levels. We strive to introduce products that are beneficial for humans and also good for the earth. Every chair we create is designed to provide an optimal user experience, as well as enhance the visual appeal of your office. To find out more about our products, call us at (800) 422-5727.