Complete the Look with Occasional Tables

We believe in crafting tables that neatly blend in with most design styles and templates instead of standing out in an ungainly manner. Additionally, there are also some signature pieces which assume a whole new identity of their own no matter where you place them. This is where Indiana Furniture assumes the role of creator and craftsman to give you the best possible solutions for home and work alike.

Just like all our expertly crafted collections of furniture pieces, our tables come with the very best finish and craftsmanship. Check out tables like the Revolutions, Jefferson, Madera, and Cicero for classic, functional occasional tables. While units like the Marquee, Jot, and Topsy Turvy, which are signature pieces, are meant to take your work/home décor theme to a whole new level. We make use of the very best materials for all our products and our occasional tables are the best blend of delight, functionality and quality rolled into one irresistible mix!

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