17-TYP001 & 17-TYP002 (Huddle Zones)
17-TYP001 & 17-TYP002 (Huddle Zones)
17-TYP005 (Quad Configuration)
17-TYP006 (Wall Cove)
17-TYP007 (Wall)
17-TYP008 & 17-TYP009 (T-Configurations)
17-TYP010 (Dual Offset Booth)
17-TYP011 (Dual Booths)
17-TYP012 (L-Cove)
17-TYP013 (C-Configuration)
17-TYP014 (Gateway Cove)
17-TYP015 (Meeting Room with Barn Door)

Make Your Own Typicals General Assembly
Barn Door Wall Assembly
Stair Step Configuration

Add-ons and Accessories

Planter Box
Onset Acoustical & Tackable Panels

24″ Acoustical Inserts
12″ Acoustical Insert
24″ Acrylic Inserts
12″ Acrylic Inserts
Dry Erase Boards
Leveler Glide
TV Mount