Typical 1 and 2 (Huddle Zones)
Typical 3 (Huddle Zone)
Typical 4 (H Configuration)
Typical 5 (Quad Configuration)
Typical 6 (Wall Cove)
Typical 7 (Single Wall)
Typicals 8 and 9 (T Configurations)
Typical 10 (Offset Dual Booth)
Typical 11 (Dual Booth)
Typical 12 (Wall Cove)
Typical 13 (C Configuration)
Typical 14 (Gateway Cove)
Typical 15 (Meeting Room with Barn Door)

Make Your Own Typicals General Assembly
Barn Door Wall Assembly
Stair Step Configuration

Add-ons and Accessories

Planter Box
Onset Acoustical & Tackable Panels
24″ Acoustical Inserts
12″ Acoustical Insert
24″ Acrylic Inserts
12″ Acrylic Inserts
Dry Erase Boards
Leveler Glide
TV Mount